Friends of DeRidder Army Air Base
Beauregard Regional Airport (KDRI)
1220 1st Ave,  DeRidder, Louisiana 70634
337 463 8250                                                    

               "BE THE BRIDGE    Problems become opportunities when the right people join together."




It is the mission of the Friends of the DeRidder Army Air Base (DAAB) and affiliaates to act as a bridge, as embodied in its collections and programs, between the 20th century events of Southwestern Louisiana and future generations.

Dedicated to the primacy of the visitor experience, the Friends of DAAB and affiliates aim to provide the public a welcoming center with a focus on creating public awareness and appreciation of the value of local history and its role within the community through out time.

Specifically, the goals of the Friends of DAAB, 501(c)3 and afffiliates, through funding made available from public grants & donations, are as follows:


        1. Collect and record information associated with the 20th century events of Southwestern Louisiana as they contribute to the development of local communities.

         2.  Develop and implement programs to bring about public awareness and appreciation

                      a. Annual Living History Events

                                Annual Commemoration of the Louisiana Maneuvers

                      b. Periodic guest speakers

                      c. Periodic special displays

                      d. Youth education programs

                               Aviation Explorer Post 3093

          3. Establish a base of operations

                      a. A visitor center to include space for:

                               Local area information and education

                               Fund raising activities and events

                               Historical Displays

                               Administrative Displays

                               Administrative offices

           4. Promote the preservation of Historic 20th century landmarks and historical sites                 through  out the community.