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Ten Days in September

The Untold Story of the 1941

Louisiana Maneuvers

Written and Directed by Fred Worthington
Produced by:  Fred Worthington, Pat Barber, and Rickey Robertson
The producers wish to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for theirvaluable contributions in the make of this video:
The U.S.Army
The National Archives
Pat Barber
Rickey Robertson
Capt. Richard Moran
Fort Polk Army Museum
Fort Polk Heritage Project
Historical Assoc of Central Louisiana
War Memorial Civic Center, DeRidder
Vernon Historical & Genealogical Society
Thought Equity Motion

Brigadier General K.K. Chin
Commanding General of JRTC and Fort Polk
"Ten Days in September  tells the story of our military and civilian leaders as well as our solders and citizens whose vision, sacrifice, bravery and patriotism united our nation to help preserve the way of life we enjoy today.  I think there has never been a more formidable partnership in the history of our country."
Jay Dardenne
Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

"This documentary provides an opportunity for Americans and Louisianians to appreciate the history of the Louisiana Maneuvers, to learn from that experience and, most importantly, to recognize and salute the many Americans who trained on Louisiana soil and brought victory to America and the world when Hitler began his march across Europe."