Friends of DeRidder Army Air Base
Beauregard Regional Airport (KDRI)
1220 1st Ave,  DeRidder, Louisiana 70634
337 463 8250                                                    

Aviation Explorer Post 3093

Beauregard Regional Airport,  DeRidder, Louisiana

The Friends of DAAB and the Aviation Explorer Post 3093 have taken on a home built project.  They are putting together the Zenith Light Sport STOL CH 750.
Check back regularly to view the progress....better yet join us for lunch on the 4th Saturday and check it out 1st hand.

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July 16, 2013 Christmas in July! The first part of the Zenith STOL CH750 arrives. Batman & Superman are on hand to help with the opening ceremonies.
July 31, 2013 Girls Rule!
August 20, 2013 The Super Six
July 24, 2013 No bones about it....this is going to be way cool!
August 15, A "riveting" experience
August 15, 2013 Bucking Partners
August 27, 2013 Cleco, Cleco, Cleco